Introducing Myself…2

Hey, friends,

This is Zhuoxi (be free to call me Eleanore if you have trouble to pronounce my Chinese name :p). I came from a coastal city of China, Qingdao (Tsingtao), which you can always find lots of fun things to do in all seasons. Of course, if you are familiar with brand names for beer, you might heard of Tsingtao beer, ha~ I came to NYC three years ago, and now I’m full-time college student and working in part-time. Speaking of myself, like typical Asian girls, I’m quiet and shy sometimes; however, I do find myself as passionate and outspoken as Western girls as well. I’m willing to try anything new that I’m interested in because I like changing. I often spend time on observing people and things, and try to figure out useful and interesting information. Furthermore, I like taking pictures, and write some responses about what happened around me. It helps me keep my head clean; and also it could be fun memories that I would laugh at when I’m getting older.

Next, I’d like to talk about the picture which I couldn’t recall when I took, yet found myself deeply fascinated by this whimsical view. No matter away or alive, peace or boisterous, simple or complicated, in this picture, they are all irradiated by the sunlight under the same sky, and moisturized by the same river. On one side of the Hudson River, it seems to “heaven of dead” since people who live there really do nothing but rest; and on the other side, you can call it “the tomb of living” because people there really work their asses off for living in every single second. Try to imagine and place yourself into either positions, then try to think of being opposite, you will surprisingly find out that you will always prefer former than later.

Last, nice to meet you all… (*_*)/

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  1.    Veronica Puello:

    Nice to meet you…again! 🙂 I like to write and take pictures too. I go back to my journals every now and then for a good laugh or just to be reminded of how far I’ve come.

    Your photograph is great. It gives me a feeling of calm and serenity. I suppose any distant view is beautiful, it’s the close ups that reveal worse things. But I like how you drew on your own ideas and described what was happening on each side of the river.



  2.    antonia:

    Beautiful picture, and a great narrative!

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