Getting to Know My Eyes2

This is the place where I’d like to spend all day long to enjoy myself, such as observing people, reading, and writing journals.Partial View of Union SquareBuy a cup of coffee and have a seat on the second floor of Whole Foods Market on Union Square, countless pedestrians and tourists, vehicles, taxicabs, different kinds of street-vendors, dense trees, and architectures will catch your eyes through the big French window. Since it’s toward evening in late summer when I took this picture, there were not many tourists and vendors; instead, lots of taxicabs were running around expecting for business. Square lamps were on, soft lighting created a slouchy atmosphere makes you feel calm; on the other hand, colors from people’s clothes and surroundings made up a vivid image that gives you a jolly feeling. Then, take look at people, some were sitting on the stepwise and chatting with each other; some were standing and watching others; of course, there were some indifferent passersby showed nothing but quickened their paces. Moreover, you can see several police officers pace up and down to help the tourists and maintain public safety (unlucky, they didn’t show up when I took the picture…:p).

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  1.    lnaiman:

    I think this is a really great picture also. To me, the picture screams “busy.” It looks as though this picture was taken during rush hour in a big city, especially since it looks like the sun is beginning to set. I like the view this picture was taken from (the second floor of a building). The bird eye view really captures the entire scene in an artistic way. It allows the viewer to see the full idea of what is going on, even in the distance. Great picture!!

  2.    antonia:

    I agree with Lauren. You captured this moment beautifully, also by your camera angle and the “motion” the picture seems to express. Your description fits my impression very well.

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