Proposal II4

As means of collecting, communicating, and exposing information, nowadays, mass media has been playing an important role in assistance of constructing social perspectives on beauty. When sexually attractive figures and temptating talks increasingly explicit and frequent present in mediated world, our traditional standard of viewing beauty has been challenged, especially differ among different sexes and genders. For instance, we (both female and male) used to consider feminine, appropriate body proportion, and exquisite face as beauty for female; and masculine, responsible, and also physically attractive for male in general. However, those standardized characteristics now have been re-constructed and re-categorized within cross-cultures, such as people are willing to accept possession of feminine features for male as part of male beauty, as well as female possess neutral-sexual features, at least in some cultures. Thus, as a result of  influences under mass media, more and more people acknowledge their social identities do not necessarily fit their views on sexual beauty.

Moreover, it is interesting to discover the fact that same-sex individuals identify and hold standard very different from individuals of opposite-sex. In another word, when people identify beauty, same-sex individuals are looking for similarity; whereas, the opposite-sex individuals are examining distinctiveness.

Do you want to be one of them?! (*_^)/

For example, by looking at the image above, what do you think? Are they qualified to be standard of beauty? The answer should be YES. Despite of some might argue they are too far to be real, but imagine how it’s possible for advertiser to use image which does not represent beauty at all to explore their market?

Therefore, my research will focus on how mass media affects people’s perspectives on beauty in nowadays. I plan to use survey/questionnaire to statisticalize how mass media (especially in advertising and commercials) guide people’s perspective on beauty of both same- and opposite-sex individuals. The design of survey/questionnaire would involve close-ended questions, open-ended question, and image identification. Demographics would include gender, age, culture, sexual orientation and etc. In addition, I’d like to add market (beauty-related products) research as another control to ensure the accuracy of finding (if it’s possible).

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  1.    helen720:

    its very intresting idea that i was thought about that before. becuase i think media does effect the people’s view and thought of what is real call beauty or not by commercial, poster and advertisement.

  2.    Julia:

    I’m a little fuzzy on your speech but I do understand the general idea you have here. Are you focusing on Americanized beauty in relation to mass media? Or beauty in general? I love the idea but you seem like you need a focus. You could perhaps do print media or music videos oe popular television but again you need a focus. Advertizing and commericials is a little broad still. Leaving your questions open ended are a good idea as well but do remember not to be biased i your research and always ask permission or atleast have written permission when handing out questionaires.

  3.    Zhuoxi:

    to juliaadurant:
    Thanks for the suggestions, I’m still trying to organize the main idea that i want to work on, your comment is very helpful..

  4.    antonia:

    Good start, Zhuoxi, but please get help with your writing! (There is a Writing Center on campus — please ask me about it if you need directions.)
    I agree with Julia’s comments — and I think it will be hard to find out (given the limits on time and resources for this project) to what degree these ideas are actually influenced by mass media, and not by something else instead, or a combination of things. You could focus on the ideas of beauty, though – comparing men’ snad women’s attitudes, and trying to find out where they think their ideas of what is beautiful come from. What do you think?

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