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Here is the survey I’m going to use for my research project.


I am conducting this survey on the effect of beauty advertising as part of the Soc 240: Visual Sociology class by instructor Antonia Levy. The questionnaire is anonymous and all responses will be kept confidential.

General Information:

1. Gender: Male   Female   Other

2. Age: 18-21    22-25    26-30+

3. Ethnicity: Black  White  Hispanic  Asian  Native American  Other

4. How often do you read beauty/fashion magazines?

Frequently   Often    Average   Seldom   Never

*Please also list the titles of the magazines (if any):


5. How often do you purchase beauty products because of their advertising?

Frequently  Often    Average   Seldom   Never

6. To what extent you think  the beauty standards presented in advertising nowadays have effect on your view of female beauty?

Very     Somewhat     A little bit     Not at all

Visual Identification: Please take look at images below and answer some questions.

7. Which one would you like to choose to represent your perspective of the female beauty nowadays? And why?

8. Considering the image you choose, do you think it’s realistic?

Image 1 -6, respectively.


Image 1. Street Capture. Poster on 42nd Street Time Square.

Image 2. Monica Bellucci – French Elle cover. Copyright© Elle, Inc.

Image 3. Vintage Vogue UK September 1960. Copyright©2010 voguearchives.

Image 4. Street Capture. Poster on 42nd Street Time Saqure.

Image 5. Sophie Dahl – British Vogue cover Nov. 07. Copyright© Vogue, Inc.

Image 6. Victoria Beckham – Elle cover Jan. 08. Copyright© Elle, Inc.

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