Media Activism & Political Art – Paper Tiger Television (PTTV)0

What is the main goal/objective of the organization or group? In what ways do members try to achieve their goals?

Paper Tiger is an organization whose goal is to “expose and challenge the corporate control of the media”. They want to provide a more diverse, less bias collection of information to the public. They also want to make others aware of how the media can affect social change. How? They produce investigative documentary shorts, have a community of grassroots efforts getting their message out and even hold screenings and workshops for those interested.

Staff and Collective Members

Maria Juliana Byck is the distribution and administrative manager, she also manages the internship program. And PTTV is mostly run by volunteer collective members. It seems like anyone can join. They provide meeting information and invite those who are interested in getting involved.

Make Decisions

This organization claims to “break down hierarchy” and there are no bosses. They work as a collective and make decisions as a group by deciding at weekly meetings rather than a top-down approach.

What type of activism does this group do, and what do you think about it?

It seems like this group works WITH media outlets to COMBAT mainstream media outlets. They make (and teach to make) videos/documentaries and produce the alternative they suggest should be in place instead of the mainstream media.

Would you join this group; why or why not?

I would like to join because this organization is made up by a mix of people from all walks of life, each members bring their own experience to the group, it will be fun to hear different opinions and ideas from different people.

Favorite picture:

Paper Tiger Collective Members Being Funny

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