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What is the main goal/objective of the organization or group? In what ways do members try to achieve their goals?

Paper Tiger is an organization whose goal is to “expose and challenge the corporate control of the media”. They want to provide a more diverse, less bias collection of information to the public. They also want to make others aware of how the media can affect social change. How? They produce investigative documentary shorts, have a community of grassroots efforts getting their message out and even hold screenings and workshops for those interested.

Staff and Collective Members

Maria Juliana Byck is the distribution and administrative manager, she also manages the internship program. And PTTV is mostly run by volunteer collective members. It seems like anyone can join. They provide meeting information and invite those who are interested in getting involved.

Make Decisions

This organization claims to “break down hierarchy” and there are no bosses. They work as a collective and make decisions as a group by deciding at weekly meetings rather than a top-down approach.

What type of activism does this group do, and what do you think about it?

It seems like this group works WITH media outlets to COMBAT mainstream media outlets. They make (and teach to make) videos/documentaries and produce the alternative they suggest should be in place instead of the mainstream media.

Would you join this group; why or why not?

I would like to join because this organization is made up by a mix of people from all walks of life, each members bring their own experience to the group, it will be fun to hear different opinions and ideas from different people.

Favorite picture:

Paper Tiger Collective Members Being Funny


Visual Exploration1

Photo: Imaxtree

Copyright: Copyright© 2010 Hachette Filipacchi Media, U.S., Inc.

Source: http://www.elle.com/Beauty/Makeup-Skin-Care/Top-5-Beauty-Poll-Best-Mascara

This image was found in ELLE web-magazine about poll of top 5 beauty products -best mascara. It captures a model with ideal eye makeup, which considered as the most popular eye beauty product in cosmetics market. Nowadays, advertising of beauty products challenges our traditional way of viewing beauty. Also, beauty advertisement has became a guide manipulating people’s perception on beauty.

This photo was taken by myself, which is a huge advertising poster on 42nd street/7th avenue. I think it illustrates well how advertising affects people’s perspective on beauty. By looking at the female model in the poster, her perfect makeup, slim body shape, and elegant manners seem to suggest that this is the way of female beauty.


Proposal II4

As means of collecting, communicating, and exposing information, nowadays, mass media has been playing an important role in assistance of constructing social perspectives on beauty. When sexually attractive figures and temptating talks increasingly explicit and frequent present in mediated world, our traditional standard of viewing beauty has been challenged, especially differ among different sexes and genders. For instance, we (both female and male) used to consider feminine, appropriate body proportion, and exquisite face as beauty for female; and masculine, responsible, and also physically attractive for male in general. However, those standardized characteristics now have been re-constructed and re-categorized within cross-cultures, such as people are willing to accept possession of feminine features for male as part of male beauty, as well as female possess neutral-sexual features, at least in some cultures. Thus, as a result of  influences under mass media, more and more people acknowledge their social identities do not necessarily fit their views on sexual beauty.

Moreover, it is interesting to discover the fact that same-sex individuals identify and hold standard very different from individuals of opposite-sex. In another word, when people identify beauty, same-sex individuals are looking for similarity; whereas, the opposite-sex individuals are examining distinctiveness.

Do you want to be one of them?! (*_^)/

For example, by looking at the image above, what do you think? Are they qualified to be standard of beauty? The answer should be YES. Despite of some might argue they are too far to be real, but imagine how it’s possible for advertiser to use image which does not represent beauty at all to explore their market?

Therefore, my research will focus on how mass media affects people’s perspectives on beauty in nowadays. I plan to use survey/questionnaire to statisticalize how mass media (especially in advertising and commercials) guide people’s perspective on beauty of both same- and opposite-sex individuals. The design of survey/questionnaire would involve close-ended questions, open-ended question, and image identification. Demographics would include gender, age, culture, sexual orientation and etc. In addition, I’d like to add market (beauty-related products) research as another control to ensure the accuracy of finding (if it’s possible).


Getting to Know My Eyes2

This is the place where I’d like to spend all day long to enjoy myself, such as observing people, reading, and writing journals.Partial View of Union SquareBuy a cup of coffee and have a seat on the second floor of Whole Foods Market on Union Square, countless pedestrians and tourists, vehicles, taxicabs, different kinds of street-vendors, dense trees, and architectures will catch your eyes through the big French window. Since it’s toward evening in late summer when I took this picture, there were not many tourists and vendors; instead, lots of taxicabs were running around expecting for business. Square lamps were on, soft lighting created a slouchy atmosphere makes you feel calm; on the other hand, colors from people’s clothes and surroundings made up a vivid image that gives you a jolly feeling. Then, take look at people, some were sitting on the stepwise and chatting with each other; some were standing and watching others; of course, there were some indifferent passersby showed nothing but quickened their paces. Moreover, you can see several police officers pace up and down to help the tourists and maintain public safety (unlucky, they didn’t show up when I took the picture…:p).


Introducing Myself…2

Hey, friends,

This is Zhuoxi (be free to call me Eleanore if you have trouble to pronounce my Chinese name :p). I came from a coastal city of China, Qingdao (Tsingtao), which you can always find lots of fun things to do in all seasons. Of course, if you are familiar with brand names for beer, you might heard of Tsingtao beer, ha~ I came to NYC three years ago, and now I’m full-time college student and working in part-time. Speaking of myself, like typical Asian girls, I’m quiet and shy sometimes; however, I do find myself as passionate and outspoken as Western girls as well. I’m willing to try anything new that I’m interested in because I like changing. I often spend time on observing people and things, and try to figure out useful and interesting information. Furthermore, I like taking pictures, and write some responses about what happened around me. It helps me keep my head clean; and also it could be fun memories that I would laugh at when I’m getting older.

Next, I’d like to talk about the picture which I couldn’t recall when I took, yet found myself deeply fascinated by this whimsical view. No matter away or alive, peace or boisterous, simple or complicated, in this picture, they are all irradiated by the sunlight under the same sky, and moisturized by the same river. On one side of the Hudson River, it seems to “heaven of dead” since people who live there really do nothing but rest; and on the other side, you can call it “the tomb of living” because people there really work their asses off for living in every single second. Try to imagine and place yourself into either positions, then try to think of being opposite, you will surprisingly find out that you will always prefer former than later.

Last, nice to meet you all… (*_*)/

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